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and cleansers are alkaline. They disturb the pH balance of our naturally acidic skin.
Using a toner helps restore this balance. Toners also provide the extra
cleansing needed to remove heavy makeup.
you have sensitive skin, you should avoid toners containing alcohol. They can make
your skin dry and prone to irritation. Refrain also from using overly fragrant
toners. Fragrances are the top cause of allergic reactions.
what toner should you choose? How about experiencing “micellar” technology in
the new line of DERMAX Professional Toners? The recently launched AcneX Micellar
and the Bamboo Water Moisturizing Toner from DERMAX obviously stand out
in a market filled with me-too products.
on Micellar Technology can be traced as far back as 1913 at the University of
Bristol in England. Micellar Water was then created to help the French deal
with their infamously harsh water supply. Micellar technology has since undergone
refinements and advances until it became mainstream in high-end brands.
water is made up of “micelles,” which are invisible oil molecules suspended in
water. When surfactants are dispersed in water, they form micelles. In water,
micelles give surfactants their cleansing properties. The micelles then cling
on to the dirt, residue, oils, and all unwanted particles on your skin and
dissolve them while leaving behind a dewy, hydrated finish.
no rinsing needed. All you need are cotton pads for wiping. It’s also free of
harmful fragrance and chemicals that can damage your skin.
Travel Companion
to use especially when you’re traveling and don’t have the time to go through
your entire cleansing routine.
Makeup Remover
Makeup artists will be happy with the
convenience offered by micellar toner’s ability to get rid of makeup without leaving
any oily residue. It is a quick and easy way to cleanse their models in between
fashion shows or during photo shoots.
toner is perfect for the multi-tasker and always on-the-go. It drastically
saves you time and cuts your skin care routine. It is also known as the
“lazy-girl’s solution” for the all-in-one cleansing, nourishing, and
Face Wipes Alternative
face wipes can give you the same convenience, micellar water is more economical
as a bottle is good for 100 uses. Also,
micellar toner attracts and absorbs dirt and oil as compared to just regular
face wipes that merely smears dirt around your face.
The Two DERMAX Micellar
AcneX Micellar Toner
for oily and acne-prone skin, this alcohol-free toner contains micelles, which
are nano-sized oil molecules suspended in water. Once applied, the micelles
cling on to to makeup residue, dirt, and dead skin cells like a magnet. It contains
 encapsulated salicylic acid with
time-release technology. It is a more skin friendly form of the exfoliant to
keeps pores unclogged and acne marks less visible. Other anti-acne, anti-inflammatory,
and whitening actives round up the rest of the functional ingredients.
Bamboo Water Micellar Toner
advanced micellar moisturizing toner is suited for all skin types, especially
dry and sensitive skin. It  contains
Bamboo Water to help hydrate and leave you feeling moisturized and rejuvenated.
Soothing organic Jeju aloe vera extract is added to enhance after-feel and
prevent dryness. Natural anti-inflammatory and whitening extracts enhance the
total experience.

variants are rinse-free and fragrance-free. Exclusively available
in all SkinStation, DERMAX Laser Center, and Blushing Beauty branches

This article was published in The Manila Bulletin, Lifestyle Section on June 30, 2016. The author is Fred C. Reyes, a multi-awarded chemist, and the CEO of SkinStation, DERMAX Laser Center, and Blushing Beauty, the fastest growing skin clinic chain in the Philippines. He was awarded the Outstanding Professional in Chemistry in 2011 by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC).
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