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Why Men Should Have Diamond Peel

You read about it in magazines. You see your girl
do it at the skin clinic.  Being a real man not wanting to be identified
with girlie stuff, you might be asking:
What the hell is diamond
Diamonds are really used in diamond peels. A device with dusts of
diamond encrusted on the tip of a wand is used in skin exfoliation. Dead surface
skin cells are vacuumed away as the diamond tipped wand is applied gently on
the skin. Wand tips of varying sizes are used to get into tighter areas, such
as around the eyes, nose and mouth. The treatment is safe, painless, without
any downtime, and takes only 15 minutes.
So why should I exfoliate? Isn’t cleansing with soap and
water enough?
over 30 years needs to exfoliate. Although the skin naturally sheds the dead top
skin layer,
cell turnover starts to slowdown as we age. Dead skin cells pile up unevenly on
the skin’s surface, giving it a dry, rough, dull appearance. Exfoliation is
beneficial because it removes those cells that are clinging on, revealing
fresher, younger skin cells below.
peel may even be more beneficial on your face than that of a woman’s. The skin
on a man’s face contains larger pores, whiskers, and it produces more oil and
sweat. Put all these factors together and a guy’s face can have more trouble
shedding those layers of dead skin cells.
also helps you in another way: It exposes your face’s
hair follicles, allowing for a better shave. And you very
well know that a smoother shave is the most important part of your daily morning ritual.  
Why does my
Mom want my teen brothers to exfoliate?
Your brothers are
more prone to acne than girls. Oily, acne prone skin cannot naturally
shed dead skin cells.
An outside means of exfoliation is necessary to help the process along. Regular
diamond peel treatment can prevent the formation of blackheads and blemishes by
keeping the follicles free of blockages. It also prevents skin from having
enlarged pores. However, diamond peel is not advisable during episodes of acne
breakouts. Exfoliating cleansers would be a better option.
Okay, you have convinced me. Can I have my diamond peel
Oh no, you should not over exfoliate. The cell
turnover is every 28 days on the average. So you only need monthly treatment to
help bring back your skin cell turnover to optimum level. Initially, you can
have diamond peel treatment every two weeks, if you have virgin skin that’s
very dry and rough. On your 3rd session, start your monthly session.
Note that when you exfoliate, the more you need to wear daily sunscreen with
UVA and UVB protection.
______________________________________________________________________________________This was published in the May 15, 2012 issue of Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Section. The
author is the CEO of SkinStation. He received the 2011 Outstanding Chemist
Award from Professional Regulations Commission for his achievements in the
field of cosmetic chemistry. He can be reached at
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