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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Even in children’s fairy tales, it is evident that there is a fascination with fair skin. A fair complexion symbolizes wealth and beauty for most Asian women. It is interesting to note that in Asia, the Philippines has the highest usage of skin whitening products, followed by Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

If you want to have fairer skin or simply lighten skin discolorations, here’s something you must try.

THE NEW MAXILIGHT FACIAL is now available exclusively at SkinStation. Developed specifically for whitening and to even out skin tone, the one hour facial has for its finale the infusion of advanced DERMAX MaxiLight Intensive Whitening Essence

THE KEY INGREDIENTS in MaxiLight serum are among the world’s top whitening actives, widely recognized as safe,
clinically proven, and highly effective. The trio of alpha-Arbutin, glabridin from Licorice Extract, and stabilized Vitamin C work in synergy in a proprietary formula that delivers the actives where they are needed most.

Arbutin is plant-derived hydroquinone, extracted from bearberry, cranberries, blueberries, wheat, and pears. Note that MaxiLight uses alpha-Arbutin, which is much more effective than its other form, the beta-Arbutin.

Glabridin is extracted and purified from the root of Licorice plant, and has found use in the most expensive whitening products. The glabridin in MaxiLight is nano-encapsulated for longer stability and faster absorption, increasing efficacy tremendously. 

Stabilized Vitamin C in MaxiLight is in its most effective ester form, the ENVCE. Vitamin C is well known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-acne properties, as well as skin
lightening and protection against sun damage.

The combination of alpha-Arbutin, glabridin from Licorice Extract, and Vitamin C in MaxiLight effectively slows down melanin formation (dark coloring process) and protects skin

EXPECT AMAZING RESULTS with multiple sessions at treatment interval of two weeks. MaxiLight Facial is most beneficial when done in combination with Diamond Peel, and daily application of DERMAX UV sunscreen, Retinol-C, and Night Essence. Avoidance of unnecessary sun exposure is a must! 

This article appeared in The Manila Bulletin on May 12, 2015. The author is Fred Reyes, a cosmetic chemist and scientist, and the CEO of DERMAX and SkinStation, two leading skin clinic chains in the Philippines. He was awarded the Outstanding Professional in Chemistry in 2011 by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC).
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