Elevate Your Skincare Experience and with SkinStation
SkinStation is proud to introduce the DERMAX Black Peel, a unique
anti-aging and acne control peeling     system. The non-invasive
treatment exfoliates the top skin layers and purifies the pores,
resulting in:

• finer skin texture
• diminished discolorations
• controlled skin oiliness
• minimized fine lines

main ingredient is activated vegetal carbon, well known for its
purifying and detox properties. Carbon is enhanced with antioxidant
components, black ginger and licorice. Natural exfoliating agents,
ferulic, mandelic and lactic acids are modulated in the system to
produce younger looking skin, enhanced with lifting effect.

Black Peel System is made up of two products, the Carbon Film and the
Carbon Spray, which, used together, allows to obtain flawless, smooth
and younger-looking skin on the face and body.

The Carbon Spray,
applied after the Carbon Film, removes the film from the face to
eliminate the contaminants absorbed by the activated carbon. The spray
is also a neutralizer that allows medium or deep peeling treatments
depending on patient’s needs. The innovative spray formulation contains
micronized hexapeptide that gives an immediate lifting and brightening

DERMAX Black Peel is the ideal system to lighten age
spots and dark spots, fade freckles, reduce wrinkles and fine lines,
shrink pores, and remove blackheads and acne while lifting and
tightening the skin to improve elasticity.

For best results, the
doctor may prescribe up to 4 sessions every 2 to 4 weeks. Quarterly
maintenance session is likewise recommended.

Always a must in
any peeling procedure is to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen every
morning. You can get the most complete protection from DERMAX 360° full
shield cream.

It can be used on face, neck, decolletage, hands and feet and is suitable for teens and adults.

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