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Pores are the skin openings of hair follicles, and the channel for the skin’s
natural oil to reach the surface. Because their size is determined by genetics, pores cannot be made smaller, no matter what the cosmetic advertisements tell
Likewise, hot towels and
hot showers followed by cold towels and cold showers do not open and close
pores. Pores have no muscles to support the claim that they can be made to open
and close. Well, there is no harm in this “hot-cold” theory if it makes you
feel good.
Certain conditions may
make pores appear larger. Blackheads and whiteheads, for example, may temporarily
stretch the oil ducts on the nose, cheeks, and chin and make pores appear to be
larger. Repeated squeezing of blackheads and pimples may lead to tiny, pitted scarring,
which could result in permanently widened pores. It is best that we leave
the extraction to the professionals.
Facial astringents with
alcohol, as well as facial masks can produce temporary shrinking effect. Pinching
or gently slapping the cheeks to make them pink has a similar, temporary
pore-shrinking effect. The astringent or mask or the slapping causes irritation
of the skin and swelling around the pore, thus making the opening appear
smaller. Any shrinkage, however, is insignificant and short-lived. 
While there is no way you
can shrink pores permanently, you can prevent pores from getting larger by
following this simple step: Cleanse your face two to three times daily with an exfoliant
soap like DERMAX AcneX  transparent soap to
keep pores open and prevent build up of dead skin cells around and inside the
AcneX exfoliant soap is
part of the DERMAX Professional product line of SkinStation  The advanced soap
formula has double encapsulated salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid recognized
by experts as the best exfoliant that has the ability to work around and inside
the pores. When pores get clogged with dead skin cells, the skin’s natural oils
get trapped and form blackheads and whiteheads. This will n
ot only cause
enlargement of the pores but will likely degenerate to the more serious episode
of acne breakouts.

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This was published in the March 26, 2013 issue of Manila Bulletin, Lifestyle Section. The author , Fred C. Reyes, received the 2011 Outstanding Chemist Award from Professional Regulation Commission for his achievements in the field of cosmetic chemistry. He is the CEO of SkinStation and can be reached at 

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