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When we talk of nano, we talk
about size. Nano is a billionth of a meter; a thousand times smaller than
micro. Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on atomic and molecular
scale. The concept and the potential applications can be very exciting.
Hundreds of billions of dollars
have been spent on its research by the governments in Europe, USA and
Japan.  Applications have been found in
the field of electronics, energy production, biomaterials and medicine.
With the development of nano
sized active ingredients, skin care formulations have leaped to new levels of
advancement.  Many major skin care
companies launched new nano skin care products with enhanced effectiveness.  Skin absorption has vastly improved with the
smaller particle size of nano active ingredients.
Ordinarily, skin
care actives would only lay on the surface of the skin accomplishing nothing
beyond improving feel
. For anti-aging and
lightening products, the active ingredients must work inside the skin to have
any effect at all.
Nanotechnology has
made it possible for actives to go beyond the barriers much more easily.  
Then there was the report
alleging the potential of nano sized physical sunscreens getting into the
body’s bloodstream. Although the clinical basis for such a claim is largely
insufficient, the alarm created such a bad press, and stunted the popularity of
nanotechnology in skin care. Suddenly, the major brands deleted all reference
to nano in their marketing. However, they continue to use nanotechnology in
their formulations, as they hide behind terminology like “micro” to avoid any controversy.
Behind the headlines in
mainstream media, the research and development in nanotechnology continues.
Encapsulating nano particles is one recent major advance.
Why not encapsulate nano actives
which are highly reactive and unstable? Encapsulation will protect the
degradation of ingredients, keeping them as fresh as when they were first added
in the blend.
Why not use encapsulation
technology that will slowly release nano ingredients to impart time-release
And why not use encapsulation
technology that will bring the actives to specific epidermal or dermal layer
where they will be needed most?
Such incredible nano-encapsulation
concepts are real and are available now at SkinStation. We have embraced
nanoencapsulation technology in our DERMAX Professional skin care line. We know
it is safe. We are convinced that this is the future of skin care. We not only
openly declare this. We proudly incorporated “NANO” in our brand name.

(In July 2012, the author spoke before the members of Philippine Society for Cosmetic Science (PSCS) on the same topic, with the title, “Nano+Encapsulation Technology in Personal Care Products”. The updated and modified version of that presentation before the PSCS can be accessed here:
Skin Smart seeks to clarify facts and myths on skin care. It will also share innovative developments in skin care industry. This column was published in the Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Section on June 25, 2013.  The author  received the 2011 Outstanding Chemist Award from Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for his achievements in the field of cosmetic chemistry.  He is the CEO of SkinStation and can be reached at 

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