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The challenge with vitamin C is that it is unstable for topical application. When exposed to heat, air, or light, it breaks down quickly and it becomes ineffective. DERMAX Professional recently developed a unique and innovative product, a powder-to-serum vitamin C to overcome this concern.The new concept DERMAX VITAMIN C POWDER SERUM works like magic as the powder transforms into concentrated serum upon application.
The powder-changing serum formula has highly potent Ethyl ascorbic acid encapsulated in a hydrogenated lecithin powder base. This gives the novel vitamin C product concept optimal stability and long-term effectiveness. Hydrogenated lecithin also acts as a skin conditioning agent.
DERMAX Vitamin C Powder Serum provides 6 key benefits to your skin:
A research study shows that those who used topical vitamin C experienced significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after 12 weeks. Another study confirms the beneficial effects of vitamin C in 60% of patients treated.Topical vitamin C application can stimulate the production of collagen, a protein that is responsible for the skin’s plumpness and elasticity.
Topical vitamin C acts as a natural bleaching agent and lightens the skin. It improves skin texture and tone, reduces brown spots, and corrects pigmentation problems.
Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects skin against toxic chemicals, pollutants, and free radicals, which are harmful molecules that damage collagen and cause premature skin aging.
Topical vitamin C has anti-inflammatory benefits that helps in skin conditions like acne vulgaris and rosacea. Vitamin C also promotes wound healing and prevents post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
Research suggests that vitamin C can reduce sunburned skin cells caused by UVA and UVB rays and minimize the consequences of long-term sun exposure. While vitamin C can protect and repair sun damage, it is still recommended to use daily a broad spectrum sunscreen like DERMAX UV Milk Anti-Aging Sunscreen or UV Active Hydrating Water-Burst Sunscreen.Vitamin C powder serum photo
Recent studies show that vitamin C can increase the thickness of the skin, thus increasing skin barrier function, making skin less sensitive.
Experience the innovative magical transformation of DERMAX Vitamin C Powder Serum. For best results, apply with DERMAX Hyal-C Serum. DERMAX Professional products are exclusively available in all SkinStation, DERMAX Laser Center, and Blushing Beauty branches nationwide.
This article will be published in The Manila Bulletin, Lifestyle Section on March 29, 2016. The author is Fred Reyes, a cosmetic chemist and scientist, and the CEO of SkinStation, DERMAX Laser Center, and Blushing Beauty, the fastest growing skin clinic chain in the Philippines. He was awarded the Outstanding Professional in Chemistry in 2011 by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC).
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