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Nanotechnology in Skin Care

Nanotechnology is not a new concept. This
technology has been in use for many years in various scientific applications.
Skin care is just a new dimension of the technology. With nanotechnology, active
ingredients are converted into very tiny microscopic particles, so tiny that they can
penetrate deep into the skin, giving astonishing results.
Ordinarily, skin care actives only lay on the
surface of the skin. This is good enough for sunscreen products.  Sun protection should happen at the outermost
layer of the skin. But for anti-aging or lightening products, they must work
inside the skin to have any effect at all.
Nanotechnology enhances the benefits of many
skin care products. Nano-sized natural whitening actives like licorice extract and ellagic acid are used in the DERMAX NanoWhite line, which is available exclusively at SkinStation.  These nano sized lightening actives can better penetrate the dermal and epidermal junction where melanin formation can be effectively minimized. Many anti-aging actives are now also being
used in nano form. Examples are the antioxidants from green tea and grapes
and the anti-irritant ursulic acid. DERMAX HYAL-C serum has nano-sized
hyaluronic acid to provide lifting and dermal-filler like effects. Topical lip plumper using nanotechnology
is now possible. Although effect can be transient, it could provide a way to avoid expensive lip augmentation procedure.
Nanotechnology products are also used for treating dark circles under the eyes. Dark eye circles occur due to problem
with microcirculation of blood. They look ugly and are difficult to eliminate.
A blend of nano-ingredients can much more readily penetrate to improve blood
circulation. Also, nanotechnology is being explored to treat spider veins and to
prevent stretch marks. Many more exciting breakthrough developments are

nano particles is a very recent development. This has tremendously boosted
effectiveness and stability of new skin care products. Encapsulation protects
the degradation of nano-actives, keeping them as fresh and as effective as when they were first added into the blend. Nano encapsulated active ingredients are used extensively in SkinStation’s DERMAX line of professional skin care products. 

Definitely, the future of skin care lies in tapping advanced technologies. That future is now available in SkinStation.

(In July 2012, the author spoke before the members of
Philippine Society for Cosmetic Science (PSCS) on the same topic, with the title, “Nano+Encapsulation Technology in Personal
Care Products”. The updated and modified version of that presentation
before the PSCS can be accessed here:

This column was published in the Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Section on April 3, 2012. The author is the CEO of
SkinStation. He received the 2011 Outstanding Chemist Award from Professional
Regulations Commission for his achievements in the field of cosmetic chemistry.
He can be reached at
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