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Should you now throw away your favorite inky black cosmetic?
Will the peptide-packed DERMAX Lash & Brow Maximizer serum live up to its
promise of a mini eye-lift and lush brows?

A clinical study in Europe on the peptide active ingredient
showed increased lash length and thickness by up to 66% in just 30 days. Will
we get similar results with Filipino subjects?
We put the new peptide-packed DERMAX Lash & Brow
Maximizer serum to the challenge. Thirteen (13) women volunteers working in the
same office applied the serum mornings and evenings on the root of their
eyelashes. Initial measurement and results were measured every 10 days with a
paper ruler with mm markings.

In 10 days, 12 of 13 subjects showed remarkable results.
After 30 days, All 13 volunteers got increased length in eyelashes, with 2

getting 83% and 60% improvement.

Now, it is proven that you GET REAL results with the DERMAX
Lash & Brow Maximizer serum.
With very short growth stage of 30 to 45 days for lashes and
brows, compared to 2 to 6 years for scalp hair, you need booster nourishment
from DERMAX Lash & Brow serum to get the real enhancement that you want.
As with other DERMAX products, the new Lash & Brow Maximizer
serum is available only in SkinStation, Blushing Beauty and DERMAX skin

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