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Is Squalane Oil Good for Your Skin?

oil should not be confused with the popular squalene health capsules. As a food
supplement, squalene may prevent cancer and promote heart health. In certain
flu vaccines, it is used as an adjuvant to boost immune system.
In the
beginning, the primary source of squalene is shark liver oil from deep ocean sharks.
concerns over shark hunting have motivated its extraction from vegetable oils
such as olive, rice bran and wheat germ. These plant sources contain much less
than 1% squalene oil, making the extraction process expensive and wasteful.
a patent was issued for biofermentation of molasses,which
produce high purity squalene oil. This augurs well for having a renewablesource
of organic squalene oil. 
DERMAX Squalane Oil is ECOCERT.
Squalene is the most common oil found in our sebum. This makes squalene a natural candidate
for skin care preparations. However, it is so unstable when exposed to air. Through
hydrogenation, squalene is transformed to the more stable form called squalane,
which is now widely used in luxury cosmetics.
oil is prized as an organic moisturizing ingredient. It is used sparingly at 1%
to 4% in many high-end skin care products in Japan, Europe and the USA.
would rather use the pure squalane oil. Easily absorbed, the odorless non-greasy oil is an excellent skin moisturizer with silky feel. It helps condition
skin, nails and hair. Instant relief has been reported for sensitive skin
conditions such as skin cracks, rashes, eczema, and psoriasis. During
pregnancy, it is applied on the belly to help improve skin elasticity and avoid
stretch marks.
If you
don’t mind the price, pure squalane oil can be an enjoyable pure indulgence for
your skin.
This column was published in the Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Section on March 20, 2012. The author is the CEO of
SkinStation and Chemworld Fragrance Factory. 
He received the 2011
Outstanding Chemist Award from Professional Regulations Commission for his
achievements in the field of cosmetic chemistry. Skin Smart will clarify facts
and myths on skin care. Questions sent to maybe featured in future issues.
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