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If your lip plumper tingles or burns when applied, it is
probably using spicy extracts like cinnamon, menthol, and even hot pepper
(commonly labeled as capsaicin).  The
ingredients intentionally irritate the lips, make them swell, and give an
appearance of plumping. That may sound a bit harsh for a beauty product but the
irritation is generally mild and safe.
Other popular lip plumpers use a
blend of ingredients to achieve a vasodilation effect. They increase blood
circulation in lips to make them look fuller.  Caffeine and niacin, a form of vitamin B, are
popular vasodilator ingredients.
The problem with lip plumpers, which
rely on spicy irritants and vasodilating ingredients is that their effects
would barely last for an hour, some for just a few minutes.
Two Award Winning, Patent-Pending
Here comes the new DERMAX
Pink n Pout
that promises long-term benefits beyond the transient
appearance of fullness. It combines two multi-awarded and patent-pending
innovations that add volume and improve the contour of the lips with lasting
The first innovative ingredient received two awards this
year. It is a unique active that is clinically proven to literally “fatten” the
lips in just one month. It increases the number and volume of fat cells around
the lips to achieve long lasting, fuller curves. As an antioxidant, it also
helps in overall anti-aging protection.

The second is a patent-pending blend of nano-encapsulated,
time released plumping actives that improves collagen and moisture level of the
lips. The tiny spheres deliver peptides directly into the lips, working on the
cellular level to regenerate lip tissue. The results are immediate and sustained
for extended periods of time.

DERMAX Pink n Pout has a hint of pink that will blend well with any lipstick color.
It comes in a 15-ml airless packaging, with a novel injection-design packaging.
Do not be intimidated. Although it may appear like a dermal filler injection
for the lips, this will produce similar results without the pain. DERMAX Pink n Pout is the topical
alternative that can create youthful, smoother, beautiful fuller lips.  
This column was published in the Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Section on October 22, 2013. The author is the CEO of SkinStation. He received the 2011 Outstanding Chemist Award from Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for his achievements in the field of cosmetic chemistry. Skin Smart aims to clarify facts and myths on skin care. Send your questions and comments to 

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