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loves the smell of a baby. But at puberty, body odor (B.O. for short) starts to
become a problem, triggered by increasing level of androgen hormones. Then as
we age, our body chemistry ages along with us. If you can recall the smell of
your own grandparents, there’s a term for that – “old person smell.”  The good news is that most people find
“old person smell” not unpleasant at all.

There are two glands responsible
for body odor: the apocrine glands (located in the underarms, genitals, and
around the nipples) and the eccrine glands (found mainly in the underarms,
hands, and feet). These glands produce sweat that becomes fodder for skin
bacteria, causing the malodor. There is a third gland, the sebaceous glands (scalp,
face, and chest) that produce oil that has a light odor, with or without

To prevent body odor, start with the basics – bathe daily, use
underarm protection, and wear clean clothes that breathe. Here are some other ways to help keep you smelling

1.   Keep
your underarms hair-free. Hair absorbs odors easily.
rid of the hair in your armpits can help reduce the amount of body odor.

what you eat.
What you eat can affect how you
smell. If you are having problems with body odor, limit your intake of garlic,
onions, curry, and other spicy foods. Red meat, caffeinated drinks, and foods
that contain high amounts of sugar can also increase body odor.

Keep your skin dry.
Bacteria like an environment with lots of moisture. It is important to dry off
your skin whenever it becomes moist, whether the moisture is from taking a
shower or sweating.

Stay hydrated.
Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water daily helps to wash out the toxins in your
body. This promotes good gut health, which in turn can reduce body odor.

New NanoWhite underarm whitening cream contains
antibacterial silver to keep you fresh-smelling all day. 

your shoes often.
If foot odor is the problem, give your
shoes a chance to dry inside by changing them often. Apply foot powder inside
the shoes and on your feet to maintain dryness.

the problem persists, consult a doctor.
You may have a medical condition that is causing the smell. Visit
any of our dermatologists to discuss your body odor issue and get a diagnosis.
You might have hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes people to have excessive sweating,
or a metabolic disorder that prevents your body from breaking down an amino

doctor may prescribe prescription-level antiperspirants. These can cause skin
darkening and irritation. Do not use this if you have no medical issue.

injection can also be prescribed to block sweat glands and eliminate excessive sweating.
The effects do not last long, anywhere from 3 to 8 months. Most people may find
this an expensive option.
______________________________________________________________ This was published in the November 25, 2014 issue
of Manila Bulletin, Lifestyle Section. The author , Fred C. Reyes, is
the CEO of SkinStation. He received the 2011 Outstanding Chemist Award
from Professional Regulations Commission for his achievements in the
field of cosmetic chemistry. 

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