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How AcneX Soap Was Developed

Filipinos, soap is still the preferred product over facial wash. We therefore decided
to develop a soap formula, which we call Project AcneX, to address the
exfoliant need for anti-acne maintenance. Adding scrubbing particles was ruled
out because of possible adverse reactions from people with sensitive skin.

We looked
at anti-acne soap products in the market. One intriguing concept invited
scrutiny, the salicylic acid soap.
acid is a commonly used anti-acne ingredient. It is highly effective in
treating acne because of its ability to penetrate the follicle. It encourages
the shedding of dead skin cells from within the follicle. Pores are cleared of
blockages thereby controlling acne breakouts.
There is
a big problem though. Salicylic acid is effective as an exfoliant only if it
remains an acid. It’s a puzzle how that can be done in an alkaline soap. Acids
and alkali are very reactive. In soaps, the acid is neutralized into its sodium
salt. Most, if not all, of the old salicylic acid soaps in the market have not
addressed this critical concern.
With the
new micro-encapsulation technology,the acid-in-a-soap concept is now possible. For
our AcneX soap project, we decided on using the more advanced double
encapsulation of salicylic acid to address two concerns: stability in an alkali
base and efficacy in a wash off product. 

How it Works. The salicylic acid microcapsule
has two layers. The outer layer protects salicylic acid from reacting with the
alkaline soap base. During washing, the outer layer breaks up when rubbed on
wet skin, releasing the inner microspheres with salicylic acid. The
microspheres are designed to adhere to skin even with rinsing. It disintegrates
at skin’s acidic pH,slowly releasing salicylic acid. This time-release feature
makes the product much more effective and skin friendly.
AcneX soap is formulated to maintain clear skin, it has high enough level of
salicylic acid at 1% to be as effective in clearing acne as any gel or cream
acne product. If you are acne-prone,
twice-daily use of AcneX soap is necessary to obtain and maintain clear skin.
If you stop the anti-acne treatment, the pores will again clog with excess oil
and dead cells, and acne can return.
_____________________________________________________________________This column was published in the Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Section on April 10, 2012. The author is the CEO of
SkinStation. He received the 2011 Outstanding Chemist Award from Professional
Regulations Commission for his achievements in the field of cosmetic chemistry.
He can be reached at
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