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Grow the lashes and brows you’ve
always wanted.

something REAL or FAKE, which would you 
Real, right? No one wants fake brand shoes or bags.  You wouldn’t photo edit
yourself in another
country for a fake vacation.  Nor
you pretend to have a fake boyfriend in front of your family
and friends.  So why is
wearing falsie or putting on a ton
of mascara or eyebrow make-up ok?  Maybe
because you weren’t blessed with long, curly lashes or finely
shaped natural brows.  But
if you have the chance to have them,
wouldn’t you want to get REAL?

SkinStation’s latest offering: 
the new DERMAX
Lash & Brow Maximizer! 
It’s a 2-in-1 serum that promotes healthier,
all-natural growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

The real

know the hard fact is that make-up does have its flaws.
 It can run or smudge at
the most unexpected
time. It can also feel heavy and irritate your sensitive skin.  And did you know that
your favorite mascara
could be the culprit behind the weakening of lashes making them prone to

With a
shorter growth cycle of 30 to 45 days
for eyelashes and brows compared to the 2 to 6 years for scalp
hair, lashes and
brows don’t have enough time to grow long enough.  That’s why lashes and
brows need nourishment booster for longer and healthier growth.

Make it

new DERMAX Lash & Brow Maximizer is not a make-up.
 It’s a 2-in-1 serum
that’s peptide-packed
with essential amino acids that revitalizes the growth and
health of your
eyelashes and eyebrows. 

has 3 real benefits: 

1. LIFT –
Daily application visually
gives your eyelash and brow a natural boost

Applied twice daily,
the peptide ingredient nourishes the roots to increase length
and thickness by
up to
66% in 30 days

3. REPAIR – The serum
coats individual strands to strengthen and repair the hair
damaged by mascara use.


improvement can be seen in just 2 weeks.  But of course, the best results come on Day 30 onwards.
So if you want
REAL results to grow the lashes and brows you really want,
get yourself the new
DERMAX Lash & Brow Maximizer at  any branch of SkinStation, Blushing Beauty and DERMAX clinics
nationwide.  You will
be surprised.  For


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