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Do Your Hands Give Away Your Age?
“If you want to know a woman’s age, look at her hands,” is an old
saying that remains true.
The face and the neck are the usual concerns when it comes
to looking younger. The hands are commonly overlooked. Ageing hands like the
face are susceptible to volume loss and sun damage.
The fatty
layer of the hand disappears, so the skin is more translucent and shriveled,
and you see underlying structures like bones, tendons and veins. 
hand ageing takes more than the usual hand cream. Now,
there are new products and procedures that will not give away your age. Hand
rejuvenation techniques can instantly replenish volume loss, diminish age
spots, and provide long term benefits.
Restylane micro-injector is used in SkinStation
To remedy the lack of volume in the hands, stabilized hyaluronic acid dermal
filler injection, such as Restylane
Light and Juvederm, provides instant remedy. Dermal
filler injection immediately plumps the back of the hand to provide supple and
younger appearance. Hyaluronic acid raises the skin level, making bone
structure and veins less visible. The results last
up to 6 months.
Before and after pictures with Restylane Vital
Topical anesthesia is applied for a painless procedure. To avoid
bruising of the delicate skin on ageing hands, a Restylane micro-injector is
used which precisely measures the amount of filler introduced into the spaces
between the knuckles. This allows ease of access and accurate placement of
fillers for superb results. The actual treatment takes less than 30 minutes for
both hands.
RETINOL-C improves skin texture.
To remove sunspots, filler treatment can be
combined with intense pulsed light (IPL) or fractional
laser resurfacing.
These procedures can also tighten skin and minimize appearance of wrinkles. Chemical
peels with TCA or glycolic acid will also improve texture and lighten
Not everyone can take advantage of these instant hand
rejuvenation clinic procedures. New advanced products for home use can provide
relief.  They also extend the effects of
the clinic procedures. Highly recommended is HYAL-C serum with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and vitamin
C to augment the skin’s hydrobalance and help reduce pigmentation. RETINOL-C serum smoothens skin texture,
encourages new collagen to form, and minimizes sunspots.  Daily sun protection is a must, with UV MILK sunscreen with SPF55 PA+++
rating. These products are available exclusively at SkinStation.
With all these options available for hand rejuvenation, the old
saying that a woman’s hands always give away her real age could be a thing of
the past.
______________________________________________________________________________________This was published in the July 10, 2012 issue of Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Section. The author
is the CEO of SkinStation. He received the 2011 Outstanding Chemist Award from
Professional Regulations Commission for his achievements in the field of
cosmetic chemistry. He can be reached at
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